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First 3 live check-ins/registrations receives a FREE Gift!

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Battle Circuit Calendar

CGZ Fight Club: Battle Circuit is an eSports Competitive (Circuit-Style) League.

This eSports Competitive League consists of a 7-Event Season for each game. The current game(s) are: Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4) and Tekken 7 (PS4). Each event will yield points based on the gamers end position after each event. Accumulated points will determine bracket positions and bracket advantage in the 7th Event (i.e. The Finals).

Battle Circuit
Single Event Player

$10.00 (1-Time 50% OFF)

Description: Single Event Players play any individual event at $10 per event.

Battle Circuit
Full Season Player 

$56.00 (Save $14)

Description: Full Season Players enjoy a $14 Discount and full access to 7 Events.



Open Invitation - Mar. 01
Battle Circuit #1 - Mar. 15
Battle Circuit #2 - Mar. 29
Battle Circuit #3 - Apr. 12
Battle Circuit #4 - Apr. 26
Battle Circuit #5 - May. 10
Battle Circuit #6 - May. 24
Battle Circuit #7 - Jun. 02 FINALS

- If you prefer an XBox One controller, we have adapters that enable you to use your XBox One controller on the PS4.
We intend to add other games which will have their own 7-Event Seasons respectfully.
- If a Single Event Player chooses to become a Full Season Player, he/she has until the 3rd Event to upgrade. NOTE: Payments already received from prior events (of the game being upgraded) will be credited toward the full registration. Note: The 50% Off will be voided. 
- Age restriction: 13+ (for league participation), No age restrictions (for spectators) 


Event Details


  1. Non-UVI Students must exchange their ID for a Tournament Guest Pass.
  2. A Tournament Guest Pass does not permit roaming or loitering on UVI's campus. Campus security has the right to stop you if caught roaming or loitering on away from the tournament area (Student Activities Lounge).
  3. Excessive Vulgar Language will not be permitted. You may get a warning or a ban at the discretion of the tournament host for that evening.


  1. Free WIFI (when you Register to compete in a tournament).
  2. Automatic Inclusion to Gift Raffle.
  3. Spectators may participate in the Gift Raffle by purchasing $15+ of Sale Items (i.e. amenities or t-shirt).
    Example: $15+ spent = 1 Raffle Entry, $30+ = 2 Raffle Entries
  4. Single Event Players can get a 1-Time 50% Off DISCOUNT on their 1st Event after completing Noob Challenge: Subscribe (above), Follow CGZ's Instagram and LIKE CGZ on Facebook
  5. Lifetime Stats Tracking


  1. Event Winners receive 40% of the total entry fees for their selected game event.
  2. Be immortalized in the Hall of Champions
  3. 1st (3) PLAYERS to check-in/register at the event receives a FREE GIFT.



  1. PlayStation 4 Game Console + Official PS4 Controllers
  2. Games have FULL DLC (i.e. characters, maps, stages, etc.) enabled
  3. eSports Recommended Gaming Monitors
  4. Controller Adapters for XBox One, XBox 360 and PS2 controllers
  5. Live Bracket Projections and Lifetime Event Stats
  6. Stream Presentation (i.e. Streaming platform below)

Streaming Live