CGZ Writers

Welcome to the Writers Block of CGZ called “CGZ Writers”! The goal of this page is to give writers (YOU) guidelines and tips to help the Editor (ME) to give your saved DRAFT a PASSING GRADE at a faster rate; reducing the time it takes for YOUR POST to go LIVE!

Requirement Checklist:






Under “Posts” Menu > Select to “Add New”

On the “Add New Post” Page > Enter “Title of Post”

In the tall-text-area > Enter the “Content” of your post.

To the RIGHT of the same page, under “Format” > Select the relevant option for this post

Below “Format”, go to “Categories” > Select only 1 Category (i.e. Gaming, Tech, Movies)

Below “Categories”, go to “Post Tags” > Click the link “Choose from the most used tags”, now select relevant tags from the available tags. Note: If a 1 or less relevant tags do not exist for this post, leave this area alone; it will be updated later.

Below “Post Tags”, go to “Feature Image” > Click the link “Set featured image”.

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