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Media Correspondent Openings

We are in need of some extra manpower to help keep the website up to date. If you have interest and are looking to write for a video game website, go ahead and make the jump for more information.

News Writer: News writers are great at seeking out interesting stories about happenings in the gaming world and enjoy sharing them with others. They have a knack for explaining things in a direct way, and can balance their personal preferences and reactions with an objective account of the facts. Even if they’re a fan of one particular platform or company, they don’t mind finding out more about the others, too.

We are looking to add at least a few news writers and it’s rather easy to apply. Before applying it’s worth noting that we have a requirement that all staff members must be at least 16 years of age. Additionally, these are all volunteer positions and there is no wage associated with your contributions. If you are still interested, continue reading below.

Things to include with your application:

  • Your basic info: Name, age, and timezone (as well as your Skype username).
  • A summary of any prior writing experience you might have picked up over the years.
  • A short writing sample or two. Something basic like a sample news post that demonstrates your ability to report would be best. We can provide you with topics if need be.

To apply for a position, you can contact Erskin directly on Twitter @MaXfReZa. After applying, you’ll immediately be asked to put together a sample piece of work if you hadn’t submitted one already. If done well, your sample piece could then be published on the website almost immediately. We look forward to receiving all your applications.

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