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Yaya Han opens up about her childhood, starting out in cosplay and what has kept her cosplaying throughout the years. Born in China, raised in China and Germany (speaking fluent German). Grew up as a self-described introvert, book-worm, loving to draw and paint; especially with Manga & Anime. Later, Yaya discovered Cosplay when she moved to the U.S. and the rest is history. Listen to her engaging background and Cosplay experience here:


Here are a few of Yaya Han’s iconic Cosplay costumes:

One of my personal favorite videos with YaYa Han; who is Really KILLING IT in her “Carmilla [Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust]” Cosplay costume. In the video Yaya battles with one other popular cosplayer (who we’ll get to in another story). Check it out below, you won’t be disappointed!



There isn’t much else to say except that you should keep an eye out for her at any of the numerous Con’s around the world, she’s bound to turn up. But if you can’t wait, you can find Yaya at any of those links below. Until next time… Peace!

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