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Ashen’s GameCube Revolution Handheld via WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator)

Custom Vacuum formed case, slightly frankencased.
Dimensions: L: 9 3/16″ H: 4 5/8″ W: 1 1/2″
Weight: 1.955 lbs
5″ Dalian “Good Screen”
GameCube component cable modded to output VGA (RGBHV) for the best image quality possible on the GameCube (480p)
AlmostWTF cut GameCube motherboard (onboard audio pre-amp retained) + Trimmed official GC heatsink with Lenovo Laptop dual fan @ 3.3v
WODE (severely stripped down) SD Loading only
6x 2600mah Lithium-Ion Batterys (7.4v 7800mah total) = Roughly 3.5 hours playtime. System is wired to “play and charge”.
Zenloc’s custom regulator: CPU=1.48v GPU=1.69v and 3.35v all regulated separately for maximum battery life.
Official GameCube controller with rumble relocation, Dual iPhone 3GS rumble motors, 3DS analog “sliders”, Playstation D-Pad and fully functional L/R “triggers” via the dual tact mod.
Internal 128mb Memory card on slot “A”, Internal SD Gecko on slot “B”. Save game transfer possible via external adapter.
iPod/iPhone audio amp with DSLite speakers + switching headphone jack.
Mario’s low battery indicator circuit. Active @ ~20 minutes left.
100% full of Ashen’s blood sweat and tears.


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