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This is our first post ever at (a.k.a. CGZ). By the way, I’m Erskin, your gamer guide to “All Things CGZ.” And I’m happy to welcome you to our website. As our team starts to get a hang of our website and their roles you’ll start to get to know them a little better. But for now enjoy their avatar images until we get our Team Page together; they’re all PUMPED to contribute in whichever way that they can!! We’re all excited to share our views of the gaming world; and from a whole other part of the world than the gaming world is used to 🙂 Thank you to everyone who’s done their small part that helped CGZ make it to this big day. To everyone who has stood in the gap with us at our live tournaments, and to those who pushed for our website to be completed… Thank you very, very much!! P.S. I can found on XBox Live…

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