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3DS Circle Pad Pro

3DS with Circle Pad Pro attachment

As of next month the long awaited game for the 3DS “Kid Icarus: Uprising” hit stores. With the Circle Pad Pro attachment being available in North America next month (and available in the UK later this month), gamers planning to get the add-on accessory can add “Kid Icarus: Uprising” as another title that is compatible with it.

Unlike other upcoming titles such as Resident Evil:Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising will be slightly difficult for left-handed people to play. With the Circle Pad Pro, southpaws can use the stylus in their left hand while rotating the camera with the circle analog stick of the device. Aside from giving left-handed people the ability to switch controls, the Circle Pad Pro offers no other features for Kid Icarus: Uprising.

[youtube id=”a7detDcmMKY” width=”610″ height=”375″]


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