Hey CGZ Fans, thanks for you patience in our absence. A lot has happened since we’ve last been bouncing around the island doing tourney’s; on an almost week to week basis. Let me quickly fill you in…

  1. We’ve long had 2 Facebook pages, and we merged them last night! No more confusion as to where the latest info is on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/caribbeangamezone Old content will have to be re-posted as the merger excluded old content… -_- utter sadness, a terrible requirement, I know.
  2.  CGZ.TV was purchased and dedicated for our Podcast and Vlog… That just means the domain “cgz.tv” will eventually link you to an area at CGZ where you can get our video/audio broadcasts directly. We’ll make an announce when it’s up!
  3. CGZ is actively starting a non-profit organization called CGZ Foundation where we will invite youths of all Caribbean communities (where we physically operate) to learn all there is about the gaming industry (i.e. marketing, business development, tech education, concept-to-creation, etc.); Exposing youths to potential career choices they never knew existed.
  4. We are building our CGZ Team of professional gamers using our “Competitive Gaming System” to educate, train, and test gamers abilities… for the purpose of identifying the best gamers to represent CGZ in major tournaments.
  5. Last but not least… Cosplay is a fan favorite for gamers as a whole. CGZ will not only be looking for cosplayers online but we’ll be promoting them from various islands across the Caribbean.

If any of these areas sound like your cup of tea, hit us up!