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VXG 2013 Prize Money Just Got Bigger!


Official VXG Press Release [Mar 6, 2013]:

You have seen the video and you have heard the song “Let’s go to da beach”. We have seen your tweets, comments on streams and message boards in regards to our trailer. We are blown away by your overwhelming support for VXG and for that we have raised the bar once again for you!

We are proud to announce that the overall cash prize payout for the games to compete in at VXG has been raised to over $86,000! We are also proud to announce another prize for the players who place top 8/16 in their respective games. These players will receive a gift bag from the St. Maarten tourism board valued at between $100-$150. We are also in the works of finalizing a deal with our sponsors to award additional prizes for those players who place high in their respective games, details still to come.

Now on to the games! We have heard your calls for support for these titles and we are proud to announce that VXG will be adding 3 new games to our roster of titles in which to compete in for cash prizes at VXG. The titles are as follows: Persona 4, SFxT and Injustice. With the addition of these 3 titles, VXG will now have 17 games to compete in for cash prizes!

VXG will also be running a few side tournaments, so don’t you worry. We will try our best to get your game included.

Here are the titles that will be playable at VXG as well as the cash prize payout:

(Guaranteed minimal cash prizes)

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You have shown your support for VXG and we want to make this event the best experience for all who attend. With that in mind, we will run Capcom, MK, FPS and Sports games on the Xbox 360. Tekken Tag 2 and Persona 4 will be played on PS3. To accompany the best playing experience with the best system for each respective game, each station will be played on Asus monitors (the fighting game standard).

We are excited about this announcement and we hope you are as well. So please show your support and register at and “Let’s go to da beach”!

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