The Darkness 2

[youtube id=”dxW-Jq3UXdU” width=”610″ height=”375″]

Hopefully you’ve already played some of The Darkness 1 before trying this game, but believe me when I say you won’t have to to know IMMEDIATELY that this is an awesome game!! Serious demonic undertones in this game seeing that you’re wielding 2 man/heart eating serpents, demon-goblins, and totting 2 guns all at the same time; Talk about OVERKILL! But The Darkness 2 blends incredible gore in a beautiful and artistic way. I’m no artist or gore monger, but I’m really impressed with how well they make blood and gore look beautiful and rewarding to the eyes. The original story was one of learning why you have the darkness, managing your relationship with your girlfriend who is killed on account of your enemies, and trying to survive it all. The Darkness 2 is about the regret you have of your girlfriends’ death and your revenge over those who killed her, and killing those who seek to take the darkness away from you. Check the Launch Trailer for more awesomeness!