Urban Trials PS Vita

Urban Trials for PS Vita, not to be mistaken for XBox 360’s Trials or Trials Evolution, has this trailer to entice your PS Vita senses. There is a story of some sort going on that starts with 1 biker filled with hate and destruction, who then finds a victim to chase. At the end, he catches up with what seems like a camera guy filming. It’s not certain whether the camera man is killed or if the camera is the only thing that’s destroyed. See it here for yourself. Note: The video sound has a bubbling-ish tone to it and we’re convinced that it was intentional because other Urban Trials videos share the same effect; so don’t attempt to adjust your computers audio. Also, see Urban Trials Screenshots.

Urban Trials Trailer

[youtube id=”0fRGUrmtFh0″ width=”610″ height=”375″]