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OMG! The last time I’ve been excited for a platformer was in our last platformer game post Trine 2. And just when you thought platformers couldn’t get any more awesome than a wizard, a theif, and warrior… here comes Vessel! Vessel is a liquid dependent puzzle platformer game where an inventor of water creatures is on a mission across many levels to discover what’s been going wrong with his inventions. His inventions apparently have gone rouge or on their own beat, some adapting to their environment and mutated into a new liquid based creature with different abilities all together. Your job is to harness their individual differences to navigate your way past each increasing difficult puzzle. This is a concept I’ve personally never seen so it’s a fresh breath of air and I’m excited to try it out. See an indepth physics trailer below…

Liquid Physics Trailer

[youtube id=”24Yubu615mE” width=”610″ height=”375″]

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