Firstly, I’m a huge 007 James Bond fan! No other collection of movies get me more hyped than James Bond. James Bond is an icon for “sophisticated cool”. He has smarts, muscle, gadgets and always gets the girl… what’s not to like? He has a bit of a commitment complex (to put it lightly) but that never stops the next vixen or damsel from taking him on. Why? The reason is similar to the “philosophy of Batman”… The reason is because he’s “Bond, James Bond”. International man of mystery in the spy game.

Now that I’ve set the stage for you, the only thing that’s matched with the awesomeness of James Bond and his toys is the epicness of the Bond Girl. Sadly the history of the protagonist (good girl role) Bond Girl has mostly been identified with a damsel in distress – While antagonist (bad girl role) Bond Girl’s are consistently capable of doing major damage against the good guys. Thankfully, modern times have caught up with many recent iterations of the protagonist Bond Girl, who are more of a heroine who can kick butt. Here are a few notable Bond Girls who handled themselves ‘like a boss’:

  1. Pussy Galore – played by Honor Blackman in You Only Live Twice”
  2. Jill Masterson – played by Shirley Eaton in “Goldfinger”
  3. Helga Brandt – played by Karin Dor in “You Only Live Twice”
  4. May Day – played by Grace Jones in “View To a Kill”
  5. Pam Bouvier – played by Carel Lowell in “License to Kill”
  6. Wai Lin – played by Michelle Yeoh in “Tomorrow Never Dies”
  7. Jix – played by Halle Berry in “Die Another Day”
  8. Camille Montes – played by Olga Kurylenko in “Quantum of Solace”

Source: – List of All James Bond Girls

#2 (Jill Masterson) didn’t put up much of a fight, but her golden body paint caused more buzz for this film than James Bond and Goldfinger combined – an epic moment in James Bond cinema.

Keep in mind that there are more than one Bond Girl in a single James Bond film, some are supporting characters who often die before the movie ends and others are co-stars like in the case of Halle Berry’s Bond Girl, Jinx, in “Die Another Day”.

What does this all have to do with the lovely Kaci Fennell? Everything. Kaci Fennel is the same Miss Jamaica from last nights “Miss Universe Pageant 2015”. Call me biased for the Caribbean, but I think she was an incredible representative. Truth be told, some times I look around asking “Why did they send xyz to the Miss Universe Pageant?”, don’t laugh at me because you do it too. Kaci Fennell is far from being questioned about her legitimacy in this years’ Miss Universe Pageant. Talk about presentation, physique, smarts, beauty and presence, just incredible… oh, she can cook too.  I’m confident that no one else in the pageant matched Kaci’s timeless beauty. That’s why I’d like to personally nominate her as the next Bond Girl.

Am I the only one who thinks she could be a Bond Girl? Have you seen her? OMG! She’s smoking. That’s why I took the liberty of making an ‘untitled’ 007 James Bond poster mockup just to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe someone with 007 pull will see this blog post and seriously consider Kaci Fennell. Seriously, if Kaci Fennell isn’t Bond Girl worthy, who is?

Source: – Miss Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell

Update: January 26, 2015