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BulletHD PRO 1080p Wearable Sports Camcorder

Check out the BulletHD Pro Wearable Sports Camcorder!! Yes, its shaped like a bullet and it shoots (no pun intended) 1080p High Def video!! You might remember a previous post I made about the GoPro HD Hero 2 where I praised that camera for its awesome ability to be put in all kinds of risky situations (for a normal camera) and pull it off without breaking a sweat. The BulletHD PRO is no exception.

A nice gentleman made a video on Youtube to illustrate the difference between GoPro’s cam and the BulletHD. The video was made long before both the GoPro HD Hero 2 and the BulletHD PRO 1080p was around, but his critique of the devices still hold water since the body of the devices haven’t made any noticeable changes. Here it is…

[youtube id=”fKmzgdd6J7Q” width=”610″ height=”375″]

First point goes to BulletHD PRO lol.

Here is my “Personal Opinion” with ever using either cameras…

  • Looks: BulletHD PRO, why? You won’t be mistaken for a geek with a giant bullet in your hand; or if it were attached to anything else. It’s stealthy looking, easily blending in without drawing attention.
  • Website (Ease of purchase): G0Pro HD Hero 2, why? All I wanted to to was setup my order to select the version I wanted and move to check out. BulletHD’s website severely FAILS to have a simple check out and relies entirely on partner stores who’s stock of the specific version you need is not in stock (or at least that was my experience).
  • Image Quality: I can only judge from the videos presented by BulletHD and GoPro. GoPro easily wins the clarity war, but the BulletHD had some impressive low light footage that would put my Canon M31 1080p HD Camcorder to shame. This one is a draw since there were no low light footage seen on GoPro’s website for comparison.
  • Water Proof: They’re both water proof; no confirmation on how deep. Unless you’re in search of water mummies, either one of these cameras should do just fine at 5-8 feet under water. Another DRAW 🙂
  • Presentation: GoPro’s looks says its ready for PRIMETIME, its only draw back so far is that it isn’t the coolest looking device, but thankfully its function is cooler than its looks (and its “wind drag”; as explained by the nice gentleman with the RC boat). BulletHD’s doesn’t have the fit an finish as a brand, but they make up for it in awesome looks and performance. The final DRAW.

Last thoughts: Advice for BulletHD… Get your game up on the “Video Editing” cause GoPro is kicking your butt in that department. Don’t believe me? Look at 2 videos showing you G0Pro, then BulletHD below it. Even though I would prefer to walk about with the BulletHD, the GoPro video makes me wonder why I care about any other camera brand lol.


[youtube id=”GUEZCxBcM78″ width=”610″ height=”375″]


[youtube id=”Jz8lbjxLwlo” width=”610″ height=”375″]

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