QR Code Scanning Generation

If you didn’t already know, QR Codes are here to stay. If that’s “NEW NEWS” to you, you better catch a clue and pay attention. See the image for this post? Look for a square with smaller squares inside, that’s a QR Code. That one in particular will send you to https://www.caribbeangamezone.com. Pretty neat huh?! (By the way, the colors are meaningless) They’ve been apart of everyday life in Japan much longer than in the U.S., but today the U.S. has embraced QR Codes in a big way. Chances are you’ve already seen it, but passed it of as some weird tech hieroglyphics. Now that you know a little more about them, you’ll be noticing QR Codes more often now that you know what to look for.

Excited? Great! Check out this CNET video to deeper 🙂

[youtube id=”Zry0_yj7WNI” width=”610″ height=”375″]

Here is a list of QR Code Readers to get you started…

iPhone QR Code readers:

Android QR Code reader:

Windows QR Code reader:

You might be asking yourself… What can I do with QR Codes and how do I make some for my personal use?

QR Codes lets friends or clients scan to Pre-fill business card details to a cell phone, jump to a web address (endless possibilities here), Geo Location, Email, SMS, etc. See a list of QR Code and Microsoft Tag Barcode Generators…

QR Code Generators:

I hope you are now well-rounded on this awesome new barcode technology and have taken a step into an ever so scan-able future! So the next time I ask any of my friends or yours “Do you know about QR Codes” you should say “YES!! I EVEN MADE ONE!!” Happy Scanning!!

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