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Crysis 3: Nanosuit Gameplay Trailer

Crysis 3: Nanosuit Gameplay Trailer

After ODing on Black Ops 2, Crysis 3 feels like a breath of fresh air. This trailer centers on the abilities of the suit and hints at the sacrifice a person will make to wear it. Here is the Nano Suit Gameplay Trailer to soothe any COD jitters that you might be...

Crysis 3: New Screenshots

Crysis 3 is following right behind Max Payne 3 with the release of new screenshot; which is obviously to calm down the eclipsing fanfare of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. And might I say, these New Crysis 3 Screenshots don’t...

Crysis 3 Releases Their 1st Gameplay Trailer

Crysis 3 has nothing to cry about with graphics that’s besting all favorites on the market, don’t believe me? The trailer (below) will make you a believer! The Crysis Series is so awesome that it’s used as a rule of measurement when gauging...
Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer

Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer

  Crytek CEO and president, Cevat Yerli, confirmed the news on Twitter. “Crysis 3 will be more a spiritual successor in gameplay to Crysis 1 instead of Crysis 2.” Prophet (the main character) begins on a mission seeking revenge after finding the truth...
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