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Adam Sessler Whips His Neck At The End of X-Play

Adam Sessler whips his neck at the end of X-Play like he was in a Willow Smith video… if almost to say: “What the ____ did you just say?” OR “Really, you’re bringing security to escort me out the building?!” Or maybe he was...
What If Master Chief Is Black?

What If Master Chief Is Black?

The whole ship is collapsing and Master Chief is napping on the job… Not saying that’s what a black man does, but he was awfully calm when he woke up to find his ship in ruins. He quickly picks up his digital girlfriend and rolls out like a boss. Cocks his...
Opinion: XBox 360 Ultra Heroes: Ultimate Fight

Opinion: XBox 360 Ultra Heroes: Ultimate Fight

Mario, still drunk and stumbling from his recent hiatus after the release of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal said “And you’ll never believe it!! XBox 360 is about rip off Smash Bros. too! And something about Master Chief being a fake Fox...

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – 1st Gameplay Screenshots

Ninjas are all around us and we want to let them know who’s Kung Fu is stronger! My 2 buddies eagerly volunteer… after they got killed with 2 ninja stars, it just got real. Me, only armed with my binoculars, spot and call out tangos for my sniper, Jimmy....
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